An Ultimate Photoshop Training for Entrepreneurs and Startups(創業者Photoshop集訓營)

7, 14, 21 July 2021
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Session 1:

7 Jul 2021 15:00 - 17:00

Session 2:

14 Jul 2021 15:00 - 17:00

Session 3:

22 Jul 2021 15:00 - 17:00
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Deadline :
29 Jun 2021 11:59

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HKUST Entrepreneurship Center

An Ultimate Photoshop Training for Entrepreneurs and Startups(創業者Photoshop集訓營)

***This workshop is collaborated with Winnie Chou Pte. Ltd. (Funding Recipient of the HKUST Entrepreneurship Acceleration Fund)***

This workshop has the focused objectives including allowing entrepreneurs/ startups gain enlightenment on the types of commonly used Adobe software for respective industries, learning how effective advertising design should be, and allowing participants to have hands-on experience of using Adobe Photoshop. Lastly, participants will gain the essential skills of flat illustration design, which is currently one of the most popular types of illustration design in advertising marketing.

HKUST entrepreneurs/ startups/ general students can be benefited from the workshop as follows:
1.    Flat illustration design skills for advertising marketing
2.    Product poster design skills
3.    Color matching skills
4.    Photoshop commonly used tools
5.    Photoshop interesting applications in daily life
6.    Photo-retouching skills for self-presentation

Date & Time: 

Lesson 1: 7 July 2021 (Wed), 15:00-17:00

Lesson 2: 14 July 2021 (Wed),15:00-17:00 

Lesson 3: 22 July 2021 (Thur), 15:00-17:00

Venue: Online via zoom
Medium of instruction: English
Speaker: Miss Winnie CHOU, Wan-yun (Founder of WINNIE
 CHOU PTE. LTD, HKUST current student)
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Registration Deadline: 29 June 2021(Tue)



  1. Participants are required to attend all of the lessons
  2. Photoshop background/ pre-requisite skills required
  3. Download Adobe Photoshop before workshop commencement 
  4. Graphic drawing tablet (optional) – used on the 3rd lesson for illustration design 
  5. Successful registrants for the workshop will receive a confirmation email with the zoom link on or before 2 July 2021. Thank you.


The speaker of the workshop, Ms. Wan-yun CHOU, is the Founder of Winnie Chou Pte. Ltd.. She is currently an Adobe Certified Associate, an illustrator at Visual China Group (VCG) and a contract designer at Tezign China. She was also the UI designer at Robert Bosch (Fortune Top 100 multi-national corporation) based in Singapore for the entire ASEAN market.
Winnie Chou Pte. Ltd. is a registered design startup based in Hong Kong and Singapore, with the mission to help businesses reach their market users on a global level. Winnie Chou Pte. Ltd. is a platform facilitating cross-region design services for B2B, and has product lines including UI design, illustration, advertising design, e-Commerce and web design. 
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Workshop Details:

*The workshop will be divided into 3 lessons. Content of workshop will be adjusted according to participants' feedback.




Photoshop introduction:

  1. Understanding Adobe software and industry applications
  2. Car poster design
  3. Interesting application in daily life
  4. Startup teams making brief ideas to participants about the “Interactive Poster Design Challenge” (last 3-5 minutes)


Photo retouching effects:

  1. Use “Camera Raw Filter” (ACR) to apply adjustments to image, including skin brightening and color adjustments
  2. Photo retouching skills for enhanced self-presentation and packaging


  1. Flat illustration design for poster creation/ product packaging:

(Flat illustration is one of the most popular illustration design styles in these few years for advertising marketing.)

  1. “Interactive Poster Design Challenge”