Women in the Workplace: Opportunities & Challenges

31 Mar 2021
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31 Mar 2021 19:00 - 20:00
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31 Mar 2021 13:00

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HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, Deloitte China, Women in Finance Asia

The ways in which many women are working and living have changed drastically since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a Deloitte research, nearly 82% of women surveyed said their lives have been negatively disrupted by the pandemic, and nearly 70% of women who have experienced these disruptions are concerned about their ability to progress in their careers.

In this workshop, you'll gain insights into the challenges faced by working women amid the pandemic, their struggles to strike a balance between their work and personal lives, and how women have been making strides in digital. 

This workshop is supported by Deloitte China's Women Leadership Committee (WLC) with panelists from Women in Finance Asia (WiFA).  Empowering female leadership is part of Deloitte's global commitment to D&I, and fostering a culture where everyone has equal opportunity to develop, succeed and be their truest self. Deloitte China's WLC emphasizes the importance of women's power via various activities and advocates the realization of women's value and contributions.



Moderator: Tess Gracie, Director, Deloitte China


  • Bonnie Ohri, WiFA Board of Director; Project Director, OneSky
  • Benedicte Nolens, Co-chair for WiFA; Head of Innovation Hub, Bank of International Settlements
  • Mei Ling Tse, Treasurer of WiFA; Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants


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Participants of hackUST 2021 are strongly recommended to join, particularly for those who are interested to build a women related solution to help women in society!